Try a respiration application from yoga practice. It’s titled kapalabhati and consists of captivating a conventional breathe in and a sharp, stressed exhale. repetition this approximately 10 times. This procedure warms, invigorates, and lay hold of the pineal gland, which pressures self-styled circadian throbbings (sleep-wake).

Chewing Gum

Chew menthol gum. It’s not even the refreshing menthol, but the chewing motion. This is how you trick your brain, which is activated by assuming that it now needs to digest food. To do this, it secretes insulin, which is what makes you feel awake.


Open the windows, let in some fresh air, and turn on the air conditioner or fan. Warm and stuffy spaces make you feel tired. The cold keeps the brain in a state of tension and forces the body to activate itself to maintain the constant temperature necessary for the proper functioning of the organs. Extremes can try chewing on ice – few things in the world are as invigorating.


Do some jumping, squatting or pushing up a couple of times off the floor. Any exercise at intervals of 20-30 minutes will help to get the blood circulating and improve the flow of oxygen to the cells, and therefore give extra energy to the body. The best option is a short walk. Studies prove that 15 minutes of walking gives new energy for two hours of work.


Rinse your wrists with cold water. This technique allows you to cool your body quickly. It is also useful in the summer, when it is very hot, or when you need to get rid of a headache caused by a high temperature.


Skip a meal. The body spends a lot of energy to digest it, so after a heavy meal you feel sluggish and sleepy. Light hunger is invigorating.


Listen to fast, irritating music at a low volume. Music elicits a strong emotional response, which engages many parts of the brain. If possible, sing along or at least shake your head to the beat. Melodic and familiar music is not appropriate. You need something rhythmic, but unpleasant to the ear – it arouses more emotions. The sound should be such that it is difficult to make out the words of the song. This will make the brain work, as it will “listen” and turn on its attention.


Turn on the bright lights. The best thing is, of course, to go outside, but if the sun has already gone down, the internal clock can still be fooled by turning on all the lamps in the house. The fact is that the circadian rhythms of the body, among other things, respond to light: when light becomes scarce, the body feels like it’s time to sleep


Massage the top of your head, the back of your neck, your earlobes, the point between your thumb and index finger, and the area under your knees. These points help relieve fatigue and improve blood circulation.


Engage your olfactory receptors. A strong smell, pleasant or disgusting, will quickly put you on the alert. Aromatherapy usually offers these oils to stimulate the nervous system: rosemary, eucalyptus, mint. If the oil is not nearby, you can simply inhale the aroma of coffee beans a few times.


Sit in a hard chair. Any slight sensation of discomfort is good when your goal is to stay awake. If you work in a chair or bed, you’ll feel sleepy because they’re comfortable and cozy.

Coffee and Sleep

Drink coffee and fall asleep for 15 minutes. These are two effective techniques combined into one. Caffeine usually takes effect 20 minutes after you’ve had your coffee, tea, or candy bar. Before that time, you can have time to recharge in your sleep thanks to microsleep (also called power nap). The main thing is to set the alarm clock and stay awake for 30 minutes, because after half an hour you will be in the deep sleep stage, and interrupting it, you will feel broken.

Protein diet.

If you do eat, then protein-rich foods (nuts, eggs) as well as fruits and vegetables. It is important to eat in small portions and every two to three hours. Avoid sugar, because it has the opposite effect, taking away strength. Drink plenty of water. When the body is dehydrated, one feels tired and weak.


Tickle your upper palate with your tongue. This is another fun and effective way to cheer up dramatically.


Watch a funny video or argue with someone about politics. Any social activity (even participating in Internet discussions) excites the brain.

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