What to do if after dinner all you can think about is a soft pillow? How to keep vigor and efficiency during the working day? Advice from the experts.

I was in the dining room with my colleagues, a delicious cutlet of very impressive size, and then even dessert, to refuse which I again did not have the strength to refuse. Upon returning to the office you do not want to remember the work at all, your eyes begin to slip, you inexorably fall asleep, and before the end of the working day it is still an eternity…

To maintain efficiency during the working day, it is not necessary to stock up on liters of strong coffee, it is enough to follow some of the recommendations of experts.

The sleepy phase.

To begin with, giving up lunch to avoid sleepiness is not necessary at all. “Fatigue and sleepiness – this is a normal state of the body in the afternoon, it is due to the alternation of biorhythms. Therefore, the loss of energy at 13-14 hours will be felt even if you decide to skip lunch altogether, “- says Professor Jürgen Zulley of Bavaria (Jürgen Zulley), who has been studying the peculiarities of human biorhythms for several decades.

According to him, during the period of reduced activity there is no point in gathering the will into a fist and trying hard to concentrate on work. This is the time the body needs to relax and regain its capacity for work. And the most effective strategy, says Professor Tsullai, is just to take a nap after lunch, no matter how strange it may sound – we are talking about the office after all.

Taking a nap right in the office

“Rest should last from 10 to 30 minutes, in any case you should not relax any longer, then you will have difficulty collecting your thoughts. At the same time it is not necessary to fall asleep for real. It’s enough just to lean back a little bit, put your feet on the table, close your eyes and try to relax,” advises the professor.

According to him, even a few minutes of an afternoon nap will increase performance by 35 percent. Some German companies have already realized the effectiveness of such a pause and have even equipped special rest rooms for employees.

“Interestingly, there are such rooms in many banks and shopping centers – where employees work with large amounts of cash. There seems to be a great deal of importance placed on making sure the staff gets a good night’s sleep. In addition, I am well aware that many top managers practice afternoon naps as well, although most of them never admit to it,” says Jürgen Zullai.

Alternative to sleep

Of course, a suitable room for a small afternoon nap is not available in all firms. Moreover, it is clear that put their feet on the desk, falling asleep in the presence of colleagues, too, can not afford not everyone. So what to do? The main thing – get away from the computer and do not spend the rest of your lunch break playing solitaire, the expert warns.

“If you’re sitting at the computer at work, computer games can’t be called a break. It is better to take a walk or go into the next room and talk with colleagues. And if you have to move a lot during work, you should sit down for a break and recuperate,” advises the professor.

Those who like to drink a cup of coffee after lunch, Jurgen Zullai recommends doing it not after a short rest, and before it. “Caffeine starts to work after about 20 or 30 minutes – just when it is recommended to end the rest phase,” he explains.

The body also needs a little pause for another reason, says Sven-David Müller, author of several books on good nutrition.

“After a meal there is an outflow of blood to the stomach and liver. This is necessary for the digestive process. Many people feel a loss of energy after lunch and can’t concentrate on work,” says a nutritionist from Marburg. To alleviate this effect, he advises avoiding a heavy lunch.

“It is important that the portion is not too large. A child-sized plate is the way to go. In addition, it is worth avoiding fatty and ballast-rich dishes, which require too much energy for the body to digest. Fried meat with fries or pea soup, for example, should be preferred to a salad,” the expert suggests.

And instead of having several meals for dinner, Sven-David Muller suggests having light snacks between meals. Yogurts or fruit are ideal for this purpose. Such a strategy will help you avoid both bouts of gluttony at lunch and unbearable fatigue after it. In short, a healthy diet and proper rest during the working day – that is the secret of vivacity and high efficiency.

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